The Brat’s Coffer

stockvault-treasure194933It’s high time I stop complaining and get back to the game of wielding writerly wisdom.

*stoically ignores all sniggers from the blogging auditorium*

I am serious. I am tired of fussing about doing this or that to sell my last book. The fact that I have a.) the opportunity, b.) the time and c.) the completed novel in the old coffer to actually peddle are all blessings so many would-be writers don’t yet have that whining about them seems to be rather brattish of me.

I apologize for that.

While I reserve the right to complain when rejections flutter in, I will try my best not to fuss about the querying process in general anymore.

So, Wednesday, expect wisdom.

A whole steaming heap of it.

With that expectation hanging threateningly over your head now, I depart.

Until tomorrow…


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