Breaking Sand


Well, book #19 is officially a “Project” now. Its particulars have been put into Scrivener (the writer’s best friend when it comes to computer thingies, in my honest opinion.)

Empty shells of chapters, blank rolls of character sheets, scouting reports of locations have been studiously created. Even the snazzy little corkboard is up and running. (Formatting issues along with my laughable computer knowledge stretched this last task right to the edge of my patience. Nerves were frayed and, at one ugly point, singed terribly.)

In short, there is no turning back. Once a story reaches Scrivener level, it’s a done deal.


Today, I’ll start sketching out those empty chapters… with pencil. Eraser at the ready. I’d like to have a rough chapter outline done by Tuesday. We’ll see how it goes.

Bottom line: Always have a plan… just build it on sand.

Until tomorrow…



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