Bette Davis

When starting to write a novel, authors often find themselves latched to characters for whom they simply have no passion. There’s no chemistry zinging between writer and player. Necessary blokes with no “Va-va-voom!” in the old engine room. Sad, but true.

My trick to deal?

In your mind’s eye, give the character over to your favorite actor. See what he or she can do with the role. Let them have a go at throwing their mad skills at the problem child. Even if Clooney or Cumberbatch, Streep or the inestimable Ms. Bette Davis falls flat on their faces in their efforts, your character will thereafter have a new spark… even if its “only” Benedict’s velvet voice or Bette’s bedroom eyes.

Until tomorrow…



2 thoughts on “Spark!

  1. YES! All of my characters were inspired by my favorite actors/actresses.
    -Cordelia Michelsen

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