Phonographic Thought

stockvault-rusted-barrel97934Suffered a skipping yesterday.

*pauses, allowing imaginations in the blogging auditorium to run wild for an amusing bit*

A skipping, in my oddly malformed brain, is defined as an OCD-related incident of having to do a job over and over and over again in the manic desire to get it exactly right. (Picture an old vinyl record on a phonograph playing merrily along until, out of nowhere, it starts skipping and skipping and skipping…)

Thankfully I was skipping over work on my next novel, so at least some good came out of it. (For instance, skipping over hedging bushes in the front yard is bad for both your neighborhood cred and the poor bush.)

Sometimes it’s a barrel of laughs to be me.

Just thought I’d share.

Until tomorrow…


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