The Deep End?

Ready for a Dip

How deep in the pool should you go? Twenty feet? Twelve? How about five? Three feet? Wading area?

Despite how strange it sounds, writers often have to ask themselves just such a silliness.

How far into the psyche of your characters do you want to lead your readers? Should you gloss over your protagonist’s deep-seeded motivations in favor of playing up his actions, actions you’ll have lots and lots of room for now that the character’s soul is playfully thin?

Or do you want your readers to require scuba gear before diving into your novel? Be careful. It’s a dangerous world in the deep end of the pool. Not only can your audience easily get lost, you might get led astray in the dark depths yourself.

Don’t worry, though. No answer is wrong. It’s only when you don’t ask the question that things can get fishy.

Until tomorrow…


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