Test Driving a Character

stockvault-corvette185639The following is most likely rubbish but it is the way I apparently operate when starting up a new book. I’d never realized this before, but I realize it now. I’m not quite sure whether to feel good or embarrassed by this method, but I share it just the same. Feel free to dispose of it accordingly…

Always test drive a main character.

Take them out for a spin amongst the other characters, cruising through every situation with which your fertile writerly mind can imagine.

Watch them idle at home, at work, at play.

Get a feel for the way they handle the plot’s pavement.

Test their boundaries.

Note their flaws.

Note their flourishes.

Kick a few tires.

Hug a hood.

And then, only then, do you climb inside and head them toward the big “Once upon a time…” in the sky.

Until tomorrow…

Chloe, the rubbish collector



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