One Corner

Taking a photo with smartphone - Happy boy jumping into river

With 3k words of my new novel now in my hip pocket, it’s time to firm up an outline for this bad boy!

*pauses, reconsiders exclamation point, winces but keeps it in my place*

Yep, I’m a bit nervous out this bit.

While I’ve done tons of outlines over the years, I’ve never worked one up from a single POV.

Instead of a network of cameras being stationed throughout your fictional bustling city, you’ve got one street corner manned by a guy and his cellphone. All salient events have to be maneuvered to either pass by your chosen one, or word of said-events must be relayed second-hand to him by word of mouth.

It’s a whole different kettle of fish out here, folks, let me tell you.

*pauses, rereads, cringes at the ungodly amount of mixed metaphors at play*

Ok, I think you got the point. Let me get out of here before my literary license is yanked altogether.

Until tomorrow…



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