A Hot Bed

stockvault-thermometer99069It’s been a hot bed of activity around here lately. Shall I enumerate?

1.) Colin will be arriving for dinner this evening. The fact that he is a Tropical Storm and my four-legged, furry muse is “slightly unnerved” by thunder should also be mentioned.

2.) I plumbed for the first time Saturday! Yep, not only did I venture solely into the Plumbing aisles of my local Lowes, I came out the big sliding glass doors with the correct toilet innard. Then, I actually installed said-thingamabob in the right thingamajig. Go me!

3.) Yesterday, after only the day before deciding to write the thing, I successfully outlined out my 18th m/m romance novel, The Clockwise Heart.

4.) Yesterday, I touched not a single hair on my first Women’s Fiction novel, a book that remains only semi-outlined after several weeks of hard work. (Note: I do have over 3k written on her though, so there is that bit of sunshine peeking through. Let’s concentrate on that.)

5.) I caught more lizards having sex in my backyard Sunday. They are an inventive, gymnastic lot. Perhaps I should take notes?

Until tomorrow…

Chloe, awaiting Colin


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