stockvault-stone-man121396Well, that was a terribly difficult day of writing… or not writing, I should say.

I pecked at the keys for ever so long but not a printable line came out. Once my patience had petered out entirely, I did some shuffling around with the “get-to-know-you” scenes of The Clockwise Heart. Not an altogether necessary task but one that left me with a smidge of accomplishment.

I, then, dove into the always tiring task of defining eye colors, hair shades, skin tones and such minutia. When writing two men, these traits must be distinctive (after all, you can’t just shove a “he” into a sentence and know your reader will know of which “he” you speak.)

Also because they are men, I try not to make the descriptives too girly. While John Doe’s skin tone might very well be a quintessential“peaches and cream,” I’m certainly not going to saddle the poor ex-Navy SEAL with that.  So a bit more creativity is demanded… And that is where I spent my day.

They say: the devil is in the details.

I say: the crush of writers pushed the horned lad out ages ago.

Until tomorrow…


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