Delusions of Quirkiness

santa-10Mental hurdles.

Everyone has them. Every writer, every doctor, every stay-at-home mom, every young ‘un, every oldster. Everybody.

Some just have more than most.

I, for instance, am thoroughly convinced that there’s a little man in my head whose sole job is to place brightly painted, wooden hurdles in whatever path I choose. (FYI: He wears a striped turtleneck and puffs incessantly on a Brigham pipe… Delusions of grandeur are boring. Try delusions of colorful quirkiness to really get your blood pumping.)

Anyhow, I often tire of leaping the old mental hurdles.

Sometimes I just have to remind myself that I’m not the only one out there face-planting on life’s track every freaking day.

Ok, reminder over. I feel better now. On with your day.


Until tomorrow…



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