Knockout Punch

stockvault-dark-boxing202837It always surprises me who the heavyweights of my novels turn out to be.

Case in point: In my latest contemporary romance, the first six weeks of writing has been spent on Main Character “A”. Certain that “A”’s dramatic past and rather heroic present would dominate the story, I put all my creative chops on the lad.

Yes, well…

Main Character “B” had a problem with this. “B” threw a fit and mulishly refused to do a darn thing toward the story. It even got to the point where I was making calls to back-up Main Character “C”’s people to check availability.

Main Character “B” got wind of this treachery, demanded to be put in the spotlight and has since blown my little writerly socks off with depth, wit and purpose.

Bottom line… Leave yourself open to that knockout surprise.

Until tomorrow…


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