stockvault-statics118172One must have a spine.

Every major character I’ve ever written has had one. However flawed or crooked they may have been, however broken and life-weary, no matter the time or the place, each and every one of them has had a spine.

Even I have a spine. Oh, with my panic disorder it is remarkably feeble at times but it is always there. I may have to kneel, I may have to crawl, but I will never slither.

So my question is this… Are most politicians simply born without or do they pry their spines from their bodies the moment they take higher office?

Although it pains me to admit as a writer, sometimes words are not enough. Sometimes action is called for. Rebuking certain “demagogues” by vague inference does nothing. You must find your spine and stand up to them. Do more than talk from your bellies. Stand tall and take back your support.


Until tomorrow…



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