I Am Not Job

Learning and Education - Brain Functions Development Concept

After an evening of gruesome nightmares from which not one positive could be scraped from the steaming, stinky pile of negative, I pose this question… How can my writing benefit from this experience?

This is not a new question. In fact, it’s very old. I ask it all the time.

Panic, anxiety, OCD-stupidity are always addressed with this query once the daily battling is done. There must be some good to come from such experiences, some wisdom I can impart if not to myself than to my readers about these ridiculous struggles.

Fortitude and faith are the most common answers, but the question when asked after particularly cruel, apocalyptic nightmares I wrestle to find an answer to.

Oh, well. I guess it’s just another failing to add to the lot. *smirks*

Travel day tomorrow, folks, so…

Until Monday…



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