Busted Nose. Bloody Eye.

stockvault-london-key-ring110490How did the writing go yesterday, Chloe?

Good. Steadily increasing in word output. I’ve got some really nice character development going on now. Just about ready to print out the first 20k and get a fresh look at where the story stands.

Great. Good job.

Yes, things were moving right along… until bloody Britain popped up out of nowhere and I busted my nose on the blasted London Eye.

Um, I take this as something bad?

Phoenix. Chicago. That was supposed to be it. The Clockwise Heart folks were not supposed to step foot out of those two environs. This story was supposed to be simple. Easy. Not freaking international!


Well, said.

Now, pardon me, I’ve got to go tape up my nose.

Until tomorrow…



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