The 9 Wrought


As promised (or was that threatened?) here’s a short (or stupidly long?) list of the joys (trials?) my decision to welcome Hurricane Hermine personally to Florida wrought…

1.) 11pm to 4:30am fear fest of wind, rain and tornado warnings.

2.) In lieu of the strangely absent lightning, the alien-like green flashes of transformers blowing lighting up the world outside my windows.

3.) The angry growl of electricity underground as it tried to break its way into my darkened house. (Who knew underground power lines could be such amazingly creepy things?)

4.) A 5am breakfast of peanut butter crackers by candlelight.

5.) The ridiculous glee of opening my backdoor and finding the lizard world had weathered the storm.

6.) 18 hours of no power on a sunny, 92 degree day-after.

7.) The hum of distant generators and the feverish grr of chainsaws filling the stagnant afternoon air.

8.) Losing my entire refrigerator and ¾ of my freezer to Hermine and her wanton ways.

9.) But most importantly, realizing how darn lucky the muse and I were to be able to complain about items 1 through 8.

Until tomorrow…


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