stockvault-storm-passing-by201372I am angry.

What, may I ask, is the point of NOAA weather radios if at the first hiccup of thunder they lose power and go off the air all freaking night?  A night, I may add, of supercell tornadoes which ended up killing at least 3 people in the area?

Not only that, the tornado sirens were also kicked off line and completely silent during a truly dangerous night of weather.

Furthermore, the local television folks did not bother to mention this outage during their long hours of non-stop coverage of the event. People went to bed relying on NOAA to wake them in time to find shelter to save their lives. These people, my parents included, could have died because of this unreported “glitch in the system.”

Yes, I am angry.

Until tomorrow…


Post-note: Regular blogging subject matter will return tomorrow when the steam has cleared from my head. Apologies for the divergence.

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