Dear Marcus Aurelius…

stockvault-grave-shock152542“How ridiculous and how strange to be surprised at anything which happens in life”Marcus Aurelius

Well, my dear Marcus, I must then be a ridiculously strange human being… (Admittedly that’s a statement already well-proven in fact, but I digress for the purpose of this one post)… for a surprise slapped me stupid yesterday.

I found out completely by accident that on December 7 my novella “Forever Bound with Tinsel” was released by Riverdale Ave. Books.

First reaction: “What?”

Second reaction: “Yeah!”

We’re going with the second reaction this morning. So, please expect a special edition post today given you all the shiny particulars. If this kind of thing interests you, please enjoy and pass the word along. If you could care less, please ignore and know tomorrow this blog will return to its usual particularities.

Hopefully, dear Marcus, you and your surprises have had enough and will now leave me alone for a bit.

Until tomorrow (or later today, if you’re of the mind)…


Post-note: OCD, anxiety and panic disorders do NOT enjoy surprises. At all.


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