Intrusive Thought

stockvault-volvo-truck180492I don’t live well with people. Case in point: intrusive thoughts.

My OCD lends itself more to intrusive worries than intrusive one-liners. Stub my toe and I’ll obsessively check my foot for signs of gangrene for a week. Seriously. And this is when I’m all cuddled up safely in my hermit lodge.

Put me in a “living with people” situation and my mind turns to intrusive clusters of words. Yesterday’s was “Voice Over Internet Protocol.”


Yeah. And this bad boy didn’t just play in the background like a song that gets stuck in your head. It arrived plastered on the side of a semi-truck that parked itself just beyond my nose. It then refused to move for hours. I must have repeated that stupid phrase thousands of times.

Over and over and over.

Again and again and again.

Give me gangrene over VOIP any day… and, wow, doesn’t that sentence right there put a pretty red bow on my lunacy?

I am so ridiculous.

Until tomorrow…



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