The Almost-Done’s

stockvault-painting-a-wall149162Here, I am again. As promised, my every other day update as I wade through reconstruction at my parents’ house has arrived. Enjoy!

Carina Press is accepting submissions for in-progress works until September 4!  So, I’m cleaning up an armload of my almost-done’s to send their way.

First up, my m/m romance, the former Clockwise Heart.  I’ve picked out the 3 chapters I’d like to send and now just have to flesh the beauties out. To freshen things up, I’ve renamed the novel The Clock Keeper’s Vow. It makes no difference, of course, but gives me a needed “Zing!” to get things rolling. Writers are so weird.

Anyhow, now, I’ve just got to find the time to write between plumbers, painters, insulation-installers and carpenters.

Yeah, no problem.

Until the Wednesday update…


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