Available Today… RAVENSCAR!

Care for an amuse-bouche of utter romance?

A bite-sized novella (55 pages) of contemporary love?

May I offer you Ravenscar

Ravenscar11 kindle

On June 23, 2010, Ethan Holloway is left for dead.

Badly injured, the 27-year old Army doctor is the lone survivor of a brutal insurgent attack in the mountains of Afghanistan. Cut off from his base, with no way to tend to his injuries, his wounds quickly threaten to turn mortal.

Hours pass and Ethan’s hope fades with his consciousness.

But Fate is not done with the young doctor.

This is the story of a miracle survival, of a love borne of fortune.

This is the story of two men fated to live one extraordinary life together.

Available today in both Kindle and paperback!

Thank you for your time, your follows and your continued attention these last 4 years of daily blog-ness. You mean more to me than you can possibly know.

Until tomorrow…


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