Revived, revitalized, reinvigorated. That would be me.

With the health of my muses as stable as its ever going to get, my mind has graciously allowed me to enjoy my little corner of life again.

For we of the hermit-blood that means hanging with the pups… working out in the yard… chuckling (and wincing) at my old published-novels-in-waiting… and smiling unprovoked at the world and my monkish lot in it.

I’d like to order up more of these cheery days, please. My heart and soul gobbles them up like heavenly slices of cheesecake, while the gremlins in my mind choke on them like chicken bones.

(Note: that was a sentence with both a cheesecake and a chicken bone simile. I don’t know if I should be impressed at myself or very, very afraid?)

Until tomorrow…


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