Braver for the Ride?

This past weekend was so full of ups and downs, beauty and the crudely ugly that I hid.

No, not behind my black leather chair that I hunker behind when an unexpected doorbell rings.

No, just the hiding of disappearing from social media for a spell.


I am not pretty riding a rollercoaster.

My hair turns all rat’s nest, my smile morphs into a gummy cringe, my nose grows madly, my eyes go squinty and wild, and my face cracks into a pale, shattered thing.

Yes, I was the crudely ugly of this weekend’s tumultuous ride. Thankfully, Easter was the beauty… and as always, the saving grace.

Anyhow, I’m back and hopefully a little braver from the ride.

Until tomorrow (or Wednesday, there is a travel day a-coming in my future)…


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