The Bite Mark Test

With the health of my elder muse being fragile, planning goes no farther than each day’s end.

This is a difficult adjustment for an OCD-laden girl to make. While my anxiety and panic issues detest schedules, my obsessiveness goes giddy over them.

So, I had found a somewhat happy medium that would keep all mental gremlins from turning teeth upon me. But “midnight as endgame” was NOT part of that brittle truce.

Surprisingly, however, I have suffered no new bite marks from my pointy-eared foibles yet. All is alarmingly calm in the brain as the day-to-day life has taken over.

Sounds ominous, doesn’t it?

Yeah, keeping an eye out for a fallout shelter myself.

Might want to keep a hardhat handy for yourselves. Just saying.

Until tomorrow…


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