Bring on the Llamas

Yesterday was a long day.

We’re talking long with a llama caravan of “o’s” between the ‘l’ and that way distant ‘ng’.

It was a harsh, brutal and thoroughly unkind day.


There was cookie making.

And there was painting (to the calming strains of Guns N’ Roses and Metallica).

And there was long-distance Yahtzee playing with my sister and bro-in-law.

But, most importantly, there was (and is) hope for a kinder tomorrow.


Better than Guns N’ Roses and cookie dough.

Who knew?

Until tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Bring on the Llamas

  1. Sometimes I’m a bit jealous that it’s considered acceptable for llamas to spit when they get pissed off, but apparently it’s not acceptable for humans….


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