The Center Drawer

There are people in my drawer.

My center desk drawer, to be exact.

Tucked behind the sharpies and a wad of rubber bands.

Men, women, old, young, present, past. They’re all there.

Not stacked but strewn. A case of haphazard tossing, I’m afraid.

Every author has such a drawer. A place where characters they’ve created but not used are put away for another time.

A better time.

A more opportune time.

For me, that time is now.

I’m going Full-Frontal Literary, ladies and gents.

Rejects from failed Romances, Horror, Women’s Lit and more, are coming out from behind the sharpies. All will be given a chance at second lives in Literary Fiction.

How will this all work?

I don’t know. I’m still untangling ‘Alice Shook’ from the rubber bands.

Until tomorrow…


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