It’s a Round World

You ever feel like a block in a world full of balls?

All sharp, pointy edges, you don’t roll like everyone else?

True, you’re steadier in a capsize situation… but all other times you’re just a drag?

Square and squat, you sit as life tumbles by without you?

Yeah, that’s me today.

So, as one blockhead to another, know you’re not alone out there.

Put all together and we might build great and wondrous things.

Just a thought.

Until tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “It’s a Round World

  1. “You ever feel like a block in a world full of balls” that memorized me saying by one famous psychologist “if you gonna judge monkey by ability to swim than it will live all life feeling worthless”. Change your surrounding to match your personally.


  2. My dad called me “squarehead” all my life. He really got me. He’d say,”Poor little squarehead,trying to fit in a round hole”. I’m still thunderstruck by its accuracy


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