Mourning the Dandelions

stockvault-dandelion114762The clouds and spits of rain have moved over northern Alabama, putting a decided damper to all things spring.

No sitting beneath the sunshine ruminating over character development, plot twists and the proper use of ellipses (yeah, right *lol*).

No standing proudly over my tomatillos I have raised from seed. (I did get to peek out there this morning, however, and I spotted the very first beautiful, tiny, yellow blossom to crown a Chloe-tomatillo! Chest barreled up in pride here, folks. I look foolish, but, man, I look happy!)

No weeding… the fact that this is a negative exemplifies the rather pitiful state of my life (if the above proud Mama Tomatillo thing hadn’t gotten you there, that is).

Unfortunately, none of this “No”-ness has translated into writing.

*the crowd boos*

But I did cook.

In fact, I cooked cookies!

And I cooked Mac & Cheese with Wine!

*waits nervously for a reaction from the audience*

*ducks a rotten tomato chucked at her head*

Yes, alright. Bad, bad writer. (I should really invest in a “Bad, bad writer” t-shirt at some point. It would certainly save on blog space. *smirks*)

But I still have the night to save myself from complete and utter failure…

Admittedly, I have a 3 ½ year old coming over who will mostly likely run his aunt into the ground and giggle adorably over the road kill (a road kill who will most definitely be giggling herself), but there is still hope for the writer in me.

As long as there are hours in the day, there is hope.

Hmm… maybe that’s what really deserves a t-shirt?


Have a great Friday night, everyone.

Until tomorrow…


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