Move It!

Bulldozer on worksiteAfter a day of recovery (i.e. not doing a darn thing), I am ready to jump back into the literary fracas!

Shoving, yanking, heaving, tugging, cajoling, pleading, bulldozing are all on the table today as I try to flip “The Hushing Days’” First Draft into a Second Draft and ultimately into Final Edits.

As I’ve stated before, I’m viewing each of the 20 chapters as huge boulders that need to be “maneuvered” somehow across that Final Edits finish line a mere one foot away.

So far, Chapters Six, Eight and Seventeen have been shoved, yanked, heaved, tugged, cajoled, pled with and bulldozed several inches closer to that end line.

I’d like to get two more chapters moving today.

My muse, however, is shoving, yanking, heaving, tugging and pleading for another day of recovery (i.e. not doing a darn thing).

We’ll see who wins but I’m laying bets on the party without four furry feet.

Until tomorrow…


Post Note: If the dog figures out how to use a bulldozer, I’m out of here. Just saying.

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