No Rust on This Road

stockvault-ranch-water146587Well, back to the road tomorrow. A merry jaunt across Alabama and Florida will preclude this daily blog from gracing your presence Friday. Apologies for that.

As for writing, I’m hoping to enjoy a spot or two of it this weekend… Maybe… Perhaps… Well, at least it’s a possibility which is more than the last ten days have afforded me.

The question is this: if I should happen to trip over a pen and land upon some paper should I try to do some quick and dirty work on The Hushing Days (my 18th book, perpetually, it seems, lingering in final edits) or should I give something else a go? You know, something that would actually require fresh creativity instead of just following a well-detailed outline?


Most likely it will come to neither. Knowing me, I’ll dabble in this and that and get absolutely no substantial work done on anything. Hopefully, however, my imagination will at least get the opportunity to breathe in some fresh air and shake off some of this staleness.

Have a marvelous Friday, my friends!

Until Saturday…


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