Hoosegow at 10 o’clock

Barbed wire wall and blue skyAt 10:00 this morning, the last worker will depart my parents’ house with hefty check in hand. At that momentous point, several things will happen…   

  1.) The entire household, including two weary-eyed pups, will break out into a rowdy round of “Hallelujah!”. The neighbors will no doubt be startled out of their knickers and the cops will hence be called. End result: Friday night follies in the hoosegow.

2.) My spine, withered away by weeks of contemptible anxiety, might just reappear… hopefully before the hoosegow.

3.) I will hopefully morph from fulltime Helper Daughter back to fulltime Struggling Writer. I haven’t written a word in weeks. I’ve been babying my mind along with sporadic stolen hours of research. This is not enough to maintain my sanity.

4.) This daily blog will finally return to its DAILY nature… even if the postmark reads The Hoosegow.

Thank you for your patience and your loyalty. I hug them to my chest every day.

Until tomorrow



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