The Old Chopping Block

stockvault-axe-on-a-tree139006Oh, I’m sure there’s a proper term for it. Some kind of smart designation for the practice. Perhaps there are even doctoral theses written on the subject. If so, someone way more studied than me can let me know. Until then, I’m just calling it “Readers’ Proxy.”

As my most hardy blog followers know, there have been several times in the writing of The Hushing Days in which I’ve contemplated axing one of the six core brothers.

Leo, the youngest, was the first on the chopping block, but thanks to his honey, whom is a delight to write, the gunsmith’s place in the novel is now assured.

Thackary was next, the lone brother without an obvious significant other. Since this is a historical romance and there were already a bunch of brothers to flesh out the family mood, the poor young man became iffy. However, that’s when dear Thackary took matters into his own hands and designated himself the Readers’ Proxy.

Let me explain.

Free from the throes of love, Thackary is able to keep a completely cool head. His thought processes are clear. Most times he appears to be only an observer in the novel’s machinations. So, he has a certain objectivity the other of the more major characters do not. This clear-headedness leads to an abundance of common sense. In other words, he asks the questions the audience really wants to know. He calls the characters out on their motives and doesn’t let them get away with any b.s..

Oh, I know what you’re thinking, but trust me, he is far from the embodiment of the story’s conscience.

The man is no Jiminy Cricket.

He is simply the audience’s voice. (Yep, there’s got to be a nifty term for that.)

So, Thackary is in.

Leo is in.

Time to put the old chopping block away for another day.

Until tomorrow…


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